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The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute
7936 Santa Monica Blvd
West HollywoodCA 90046
 (323) 650-7777

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Discover The Method

Carrying on the work and teachings of the great actor, director, and theatrical practitioner himself, The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute is the premier school of its kind. Dedicated to teaching the art of Method Acting, our school is a community of like-minded artists seeking to better themselves and others through study and practice. If you're an actor, interested in acting, or want to delve into the tradition and world of Method Acting, our film school provides you the opportunity to learn from some of the world's most brilliant actors. 

What Is Method Acting

According to critics and experts, Method Acting is described as an almost mystic art where the actor "becomes" the character or attempts to literally live out the life of their on-stage or on-screen role. However, these over-used definitions, like most popular jargon, are far from accurate. Strasberg himself said it best when he stated: "Method acting is what all actors have always done whenever they acted well."

The Method trains actors to use their imagination, senses, and emotions to conceive of characters with unique and original behavior, creating performances grounded in the human truth of the moment. Throughout history, cultures have used many terms to describe this organic process of creativity that talented actors used to provide a compelling performance. This "moving" was, in fact, the re-experiencing of life by the actor within the fiction of the story as if it were true and happening now. Put concisely; Method Acting is what makes characters feel "real." 

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